3M ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 904, 6 MM (48 role)

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3M ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 904, 6 MM (48 role)


3M ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 904, 6 mm is a universal double transfer adhesive tape with instant grip and high shear force. It is suitable for generic joints and support where high adhesion and long-lasting bonding are required.

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44 m
6 mm
Tape Thickness
0.05 mm
Liner Type
white siliconised paper
Adhesive Type
acrylic adhesive
Tape Color


  • 3M ATG Adhesive Transfer Tape 904 is a general purpose acrylic transfer tape on white paper with good temperature resistance.
  • To achieve maximum performance, surfaces must be clean, dry and well unified. Typical cleaning solutions are isopropyl alcohol, water or heptane.
  • The ideal application temperature should be between + 20 ° C and + 40 ° C. Initial application at temperatures below + 10 ° C is not recommended because the adhesive becomes firm and no longer adheres. Once applied, the adhesive tape maintains its performance even at low temperatures.

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