Hot Melt

 Hot melt adhesives are solid adhesives (in the form of sticks) that become liquid when heated. They are used with adhesive applicators known as "sticking guns". Unlike water-based adhesives or solvents, they are applied quickly, they guarantee strong bonding. The glued material can be used  after a few minutes.
The process is simple: the adhesive bar is inserted into the gun through the lower part; the gun heats the adhesive to a high temperature until it turns into a liquid state. Hot melt adhesives can be used for a wide range of products and applications, for example: in the packaging processes of cardboard boxes, as well as for the bonding of materials made of plate, wood, vinyl, glass or metal. The main advantage of using this type of adhesive is the fast soldering speed. Their performance also depends on how the materials are prepared - the surfaces must be cleaned, dried and free of dust/oil. For more information please contact us.

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