3M Scotch Filament Tape 8915
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3M Scotch Filament Tape 8915


3M Scotch Filament Tape 8915 is a high-performance transparent tape reinforced with continuous high strength glass laments, excellent abrasion, moisture, and scuff resistance. Designed to hold appliance parts together during manufacture and shipping. Adhesive offers clean removal and stain resistance on some finishes.

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55 m
Tape Thickness
0.15 mm
Adhesive Type
synthetic rubber adhesive
Support type
3M Scotchpro film
Tape Color


  • It is used for baling and reinforcement, closing boxes and stabilizing pallets.
  • The adhesive is easy to clean, without leaving traces.
  • It sticks well on a wide range of surfaces.
  • Provides good aging behavior and protects glass filaments and adhesive.
  • Provides very good holding power in a wide range of conditions.
  • It combines a strong reinforcement made of polypropylene film reinforced with continuous glass filaments and a rubber resin adhesive with synthetic rubber, with hot melting. 

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