3M Cushion-Mount Plus Plate Mounting Tape E1020H

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3M Cushion-Mount Plus Plate Mounting Tape E1020H


3M Cushion-Mount Plus Plate Mounting Tape E1020H is a white adhesive tape for mounting flexographic plates, with lateral adhesion of the high plate. The air release property prevents printing defects by reducing air bubbles under the printing plate.

Lațime standard
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23 m
Tape Thickness
0,559 mm
Adhesive Type
differential acrylate
Support type
standard white foam
Tape Color


  • Installation is simple - clean the printing plate according to the recommendations received from the manufacturer, then follow a mixture of 50-50 isopropyl alcohol - water.
  • Applications: High quality standard composite printing, Flexographic printing plates, Adhesion to printing cylinders and sleeves.
  • H-series adhesives have a high adhesion on the top of the board. Improving finished products.

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